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One Club Golf Services

One Club's turnkey approach to providing golf development services enables our clients to focus efforts on their individual businesses knowing that the golf project is being well cared for by One Club.  Our team will work diligently to provide you and your staff with the proper guidance and expertise that will lead to the development of a truly international standard golf lifestyle experience.


Land Use & Master Planning


  • Visit and review potential sites for golf, commercial, and residential development.  Thorough analysis is provided of each property along with its suitability at meeting our client's development goals and program requirements.

  • Advise and consult on a complete strategy for the development and effective use of the property, including close consultation with our clients on the creation of a comprehensive development program.

  • Recommend qualified design firms required to provide the necessary design and support services for the development, while acting as the lead consultant responsible for the coordination of all planning and design efforts.

  • Coordinate the planning effort with the owner's local consultants and professionals to help ensure that the most accurate information is incorporated into the design and planning process. 

  • Develop a list of special considerations, including opportunities and constraints, that should be reviewed by the development team in detail so that they have a firm understanding of the development potential for the project.  This process is critical to identifying key issues that may cause construction delays or impact the financial success of the project.

  • Work with the land planner and other key consultants to define the project scope, financial goals, business and marketing strategy, and potential branding opportunities for different aspects of the project.


Design Services


  • Advise, Consult and coordinate throughout the Land Use Planning and detailed Master Planning phases of the design development process.   

  • Provide detailed Golf Course Design documents for the construction of the golf course.

  • Clubhouse Concept Design coordination and design review services. 

  • Landscape Concept Design, Detail Design, and field coordination services.

  • Clubhouse and Landscape detail design coordination with local architecture firms, engineering firms and/or design institutes.

  • Irrigation Design and field support services.

  • Advise and consult with your team on residential community design styles and architectural standards.


Construction Implementation of Golf Course Design


  • Provide all services pertaining to implementation of the golf course design such as development of schedules, construction cost estimates, specification development, bid documents, progress reporting, construction coordination, materials procurement, quality and cost control.

  • Consult with the ownership team on construction of all vertical structures including clubhouse, maintenance facilities, comfort stations and ancillary buildings.

  • Provide oversight on all golf course infrastructure construction.

  • Review golf construction materials and laboratory testing throughout the term of construction to ensure that all materials meet specification and terms of contract.

  • Advise and consult on the construction of various infrastructure and community facilities.


Golf Club Management Consulting


  • Golf Course Pre-Opening Consulting

  • Operations Consulting

  • Golf Course Maintenance

  • Tournament Preparation Consulting

  • Golf Club Membership Sales

  • General Administrative Services

  • Gold Club Marketing

  • Food & Beverage

  • Accounting




  • Source endorsement and branding opportunities for the real estate, golf club or for the entire residential and resort golf development should this type of community branding be in the best interests of our client.

  • Evaluate ways to extend the reach of our client's new golf club brand, or branded community, throughout the Asia market.


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